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Download a copy of the scriptures for our current series

Ebenezer Machen - Bible Study

Our church weekly bible study meeting is ready for the new season....!

You can find a rota that you can download from this page. However, you should check back here from time to time to see if there are any changes to the running order!! Please have a quick check to make sure there are no glaring errors or slots you can't do etc.

General Points

When the bible study comes to your home you have the opportunity to lead it if you feel you would like to. There is absolutely no compulsion.

If you do not want to lead or are too busy on that given week please let me know and I will arrange for someone else to lead it in your home (or swap the venue), there will be someone who can - so please don't feel under pressure. It is supposed to be a blessing :-)

Bible Study Subject

The idea of our Bible study meeting is that you lead on the current church series. However, it is entirely fine for you to lead on something else that you have found particulalry helpful if you would prefer.

Please email me for any help or advice. I won't presume to tell you what to do but I am happy to chat through any ideas you have and give you suggestions if you want them...